Welcome & Introduction

Thank you for visiting my blog ! Here is a little introduction to who I am and what this blog is about.

My name is Clément NOËL. I am a French physiotherapist who loves to question, ask, learn, and teach about physiotherapy everyday. I graduated in 2015, did some courses around different topics and started in 2017 a Master of Science (MSc) on Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (MSKP) at the University of Brighton in the UK. It is for me a life-changing experience, and the beginning of my journey through “eternal learning”.

With this blog I hope to share my passion with you and to start a discussion about how we approach our practice of physiotherapy. This is a place for us physiotherapists to challenge our practice and learn from each other through thought-provoking ideas and friendly conversations.

Here you will find : Blog articles, Scientific papers’ summaries, Infographics among other resources.

My main goal is to share with you the learning process I use to improve my practice which I hope can help you as well !

I hope you will enjoy the reading and feel free to leave comments if you’d like and I’ll do my best to reply.

Best wishes


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  1. Good job with the opening of your own blog Clement. This is exciting and I really look forward to follow your work.

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