Reliability and MIDC of WBLT: A SR

(Powden, Hoch, & Hoch, 2015)

Aims: To collect, critically appraise, and synthesize the published evidence describing the inter-clinician reliability, intra-clinician reliability, and responsiveness of the WBLT to measure dorsiflexion ROM

Methods: SR, 2 databases, 2 researchers, Inclusion primary aim to examine reliability, no restrictions on population or measurement method. English only. QUAREL for quality.

Results: Strong evidence of good inter and intra-tester reliability of WBLT for all measurements with bests results for tape distance measurement. MIDC = 1,6cm inter clinician or 1,9cm for intra clinician.

Limitations: English only, differences in quality. 9-12 studies included.

In Practice: MIDC values from the included studies inter-clinician changes of 4.6° or 1.6 cm and intra-clinician changes of 4.7° or 1.9 cm should be used.

Powden, C. J., Hoch, J. M., & Hoch, M. C. (2015). Reliability and minimal detectable change of the weight-bearing lunge test: A systematic review. Manual Therapy, 20(4), 524–532.

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